Isabelle + Andrew. This is their wedding story. Part 1.

Huge thank you to Andrea Hubbell for shooting this wedding with me!

Also, many thanks to the following vendors:

Just a little ditty, Sugar Magnolias, Harvest Moon, Hot pots, Sam Hill Entertainment – In Full, Daphne Latham, King Family Vineyards + Blue Ridge Light Form


2 Responses to “Isabelle + Andrew. This is their wedding story. Part 1.”

  1. Lauryn says:

    STUNNING. Love this wedding!

  2. Vicki, mother of groom says:

    Sarah, these pictures are breathtaking in every sense of the word. Thank you for capturing the love and happiness that enveloped the day so beautifully. The bride is spectacular, just a vision and the groom ( if I do say so myself ;) quite handsome!

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